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I have never used an external HD before. The one I've chosen to go for is the tiny LaCie (the one designed by F.A.Porsche). Appart from an earlier hickup with the ikon not appearing, it works fine. What I don't understand is when I click on the ikon, the window opens with the entire content of the Apple HD being mirrored on display. What is the point of that? I don't think it functions as an automatic backup although it woud be nice if it did. How do I actually copy the entire Apple content and to make it 'stick' on the LaCie. There is nothing in the instructions about this. Many thanks for any advice.

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    Hi -

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    The drive may need to be reformatted. You do this via Disk Utility - see below.

    If you want the drive to be a bootable one, i.e. you can start up your computer from it, then you need to use a Firewire connection. Does your drive have FW or is it USB?

    If you have FW, then the first thing to do is partition the drive in Disk Utility (Utilities folder). When open, click on your HD, then click on the Partition panel. There, you can name the HD, and select its format - the format would be "Mac OS Extended". You can set up one or more partitions depending how you want to use the drive. If it is just for a backup of the computer, then one partition would suffice. If you want to save files

    For the backup process I recommend SuperDuper. Very easy to use. The initial backup takes about 1 to 2 hours. Subsequent backups (referred to as "incremental backups" take 5 to 10 minutes, copying or deleting only those files that have changed since the previous backup. This way, you have a complete backup of your system on hand.

    Other than data security, this backup can be used as an effective backup just in case an upgrade to your system fails or has problems. For example, prior to upgrading the OS, you update your drive to the most current state of your computer. Then you upgrade. If there is a problem with the upgrade, you simply start up from the External drive, then copy back via SuperDuper the drive's contents to your computer (takes about 5 minutes). This restores your computer to its state prior to the upgrade. This can be a huge time saving tool.

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    Thank you very much for your kind and detailed answer. It sounds rather daunting to me, but I will set to work on it in the next couple of days or so. Many thanks once again.
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    You're welcome. Glad to help.

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    I have two external HD. 1) SimpleTech 160G using FW. 2) new WD portable 160G using USB2.0
    Since my iBook G4 1.4 only has a 40G HD, I have my iTunes and iPhoto folders on the external SimpleTech. Now, that I have the WD portable, I want to copy the folders over to the new drive. I drag and drop the folders ang it took most of the night, but looks to have stalled. The CPU usage is 100%! It started off at 23%.
    Any suggestions?

    Thanks for your help.