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hey i was using my friends mac mini and she has a 3rd party mouse attached to it and it is very jumpy and also on the highest speed setting it is slowwwwww. so..i was wodnering.
are alll mac mouses like this,. like, is it the comp, and the speed setting
or is it the mouse?
or maby the combination.
Does the wireless/wired mighty mouse do this
the funny thing is that i also notice this sortof thing on mac trackpads.
i am a user (probably) switching from a toshiba laptop with a trackpad that in my opinoin works better but also, with a wireless mouse that on highest setting (and no inhance persision options) its just zippss acrossd the screen which i absolutely love.
so..thats basically my question
thanks in advance

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Solved by Chris Harwood on Feb 25, 2007 3:33 PM Solved
My Apple Mighty Mouse is fast and controllable set at about 3/4 of the way up.
The only downside is the scroll ball needs cleaning about every 14 days or so, but it is used a lot.
I find all trackpads can be jumpy even Toshiba ones and prefer a mouse instead.