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I cannot get the Airport Express software to recognize the Airport Express in Windows Vista. I installed the software and the setup assistant doesn't even show up. Any recommendations?

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    I had the same problem. I ended up installing it on my other PC running windows XP and had no problem. I assume, therefore, that it is a Vista issue. Hopefully they will release a new install package for the Airport Express that is Vista compatable.

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    Yes I have exactly the same problem - airport setup assistant doesn't run or even show up in Windows vista. I installed the airport on my parents' xp machine and it was fine.

    The airport expres is recognised by my Vista PC 'outside' my existing wireless network - i.e. the airport and my PC can communicate as long as I'm not connected to my wireless internet connection. So i can stream iTunes to speakers as long as I don't want to surf the net or print anything...

    Come on Apple guys, tell us what to do - is there a patch we can download, or a vista-compatible setup assistant available to download, or can you give us instructions on how to get the airport express onto an existing wireless network?
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    Since the Airport Utility is not Vista compatible (security reasons most likely), you need to set the compatibility mode to Windows XP. You do this by right mouse clicking on the airport utility .exe. Once you've done that, check the "Run as Administrator" option.

    Now try running the utility. Make sure you are connected to the Airport Express via the wireless manager.
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    thanks tried that but still didn't work - setup assistant just will not appear running on Vista. (Note I don't have airport utility, I have the older separate airport admin / setup programs which came with airport express - and you cant download the newew airport utility yet) - aaagh. seems I just have to wait for apple to make vista compatible airport utility or setup assistant available...?
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    I just hit reset button on the airport then you will see ssid then I could connect with mine.
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    This didn't work for me either ... I still can't see the Express base station from my Vista PC. Windows XP works fine.
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    I also found the Airport Admin Utility 4.2 software shipping with the airport express does not list any base stations in its scans on Windows Vista (it works fine on XP). On Vista, if you know exactly what the IP address is of a base station you can select 'Choose Other' from the menu, type in the address and manually connect that way.

    The 5.1 Airport utility software does work on Vista and discovers Airport express basestations, but the install for this will only upgrade an existing 5.0 installation.

    The enlightened person might consider manually extracting the contents of the 5.1 update .msi file (for example by doing a websearch for "MSI unpacker utility") to obtain APUtil.exe and the associated APUtilityHelp.Resources folder which work fine under Vista to configure your airport express. Not that I would ever suggest doing such a thing.
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    Having the same issues here. AX works fine with my XP machine, but new Vista laptop can't see it using AirPort Admin Utility 4.2. Even tried entering specific IP but returned with an error.

    When can we get the updated AirPort Utility 5.0?

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    I connected without any problem. I set up my wireless network using my Macbook Pro and when I launched Vista it took a while to find the network when it did I entered the WEP password and it connected without a hitch.

    I am using the Airport Basestation n.
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    I am in exactly the same position. I am running Windows Vista Ultimate and all that is installed from the CD version 4.2 provided with the Airport Express with Airtunes hardware are the following: Airport Admin Utility, 3 PDF Guides and the Uninstall program. The Airport Setup Assistant does not install at all on my computer.

    Is anyone aware of a solution to this problem?
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    I have the same problem too, I changed the compatibility mode to Win XP, and I selected "run as administrator". And also changed the wireless security to WEP, but it doesn't show up still.
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    I have exactly the same issue. My Windows Vista laptop does not even recognise AirPort Express. C'mon Apple, help us with a solution.... or warn us before we buy that it is NOT compatible!
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    Ah Ha!

    I have been waiting patiently for the last few weeks for posts to come up on this subject.

    I have had the same problems. My new samsung sets up a wireless contection with the aiport wonderfully but as airport admin assistant does not install with the 4.2 version I cannot configure hence set a password or any security. It cannot be done through utility as it does not recognise the airport as being there.

    A long sequence of phone calls with a lady from apple confirmed they are aware of the problem. Apparently the 5.1 version does install in vista (although its existance maybe a myth).

    The funny thing is that you cannot tell what version is in the box. The staff in the apple stores do not know either. So I have ended up buying three airports opening the packaging, finding the wrong software and then getting a refund. Just like charlie lookig for the golden ticket.

    They are of course selling loads of these to PC users and most of these will now be using vista if they have new PC's. So lots should be being returned. A serious problem for their cross platform marketing plan.

    Apple! a sticker saying not compatible with vista would have saved me alot of hassel.