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I'm trying to configure a Macbook Pro to use a Lanier MP C4500/LD445c.

I've downloaded the Mac drivers from Lanier's site for this printer, but the readme included with them doesn't jive with the actual printer setup menus, so it's not clear if installation is proceeding correctly. I am guessing they haven't been updated for Mac OS X 10.4 yet. (The options they tell you to select when installing the printer don't actually exist.)

However, I took my best guesses and tried various procedures, and the end result is the printer IS installed, and the Mac thinks its print jobs are successful. But when we check the printer, it hasn't printed. The error log for the printer does show the print job was received, but indicates we don't have authorization to perform "the function." (I assume "the function" is printing, but I guess it could be just one component of the print job -- the error message doesn't elaborate.)

Now, this printer DOES require a 4-digit authorization code to print color copies (it is located in a large shared office). However, I am only trying to print black and white and greyscale from the Mac, but still get the same error. Yet, I think the only way to rule this out as the problem is to find a way to enter the authorization code for that printer on the Mac... yet I see no place to do so in the printer configuration menus. (On Windows, this printer provides a place to enter the authorization for printing.)

Anyone know how to do this, or have any workaround ideas?

Thank you, I really appreciate it!

MacBook Pro   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  
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    If it's really looking for the code for black & white, I don't think I can help. But I think the symptoms sound like you are using the standard Mac postscript driver, but the device doesn't have the optional postscript card installed.

    As troubleshooting (and a good workaround), try adding the printer in Printer Setup and use the HP Laserjet 5 Series Gimp-Print driver (a generic PCL driver included in OS X).
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    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for the feedback. I will try this next time I get a crack at this machine. In response to my usenet post about the same issue, someone asked whether the Mac might be using CMY to perform the grayscale print, triggering the printer's "color print authorization" stuff. Unfortunately I saw no clear-cut way to tell the driver -- black and white only, please. I saw greyscale and b&w "quartz filters" but not sure what the end result of those is.

    Anyway, I will give your idea a shot, thanks!