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Mike Kaplan Level 1 (40 points)
Hi folks,

I'm having a little trouble with the "export to HTML" feature of keynote. Specifically, I have a presentation with some very nice animations. I understand that keynote normally doesn't save these as part of the HTML version.

OK, I'm fine with that. So I converted the animations in quicktime movies, popped the movies into the presentations in place of the animations, and guess what? It still doesn't work.

OK, I'm fine with that. (Not really, but hey.) So I decide instead to make the animation into a flash thingie, and put either the flash thingie or QT into dreamweaver. And the site just won't incorporate into dreamweaver- and it looks like all the files are some kind of flash files instead of HTML. I don't get it.

My question is, how is the best way to make a keynote presentation with a few minor animations into something that people can view on the web, animation intact?

Thanks in advance,
Mike Kaplan

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  • Brian Peat Level 6 (18,215 points)
    All you'll ever get with the HTML export are images and nav arrows.

    You could, however, export portions as movies (as you said you did) and edit the exported HTML to replace the big images with your movies. I'd stay away from Flash if you really want it to look good, or, make a copy of your file and delete everything but ONE slide each time, and export that one slide as SWF, then place that on the HTML page.

    What you'd get is a slide show type preso that has video or flash on certain html pages, in place of the image. Make sense?