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Hi all,

I've searched these forums but can't quite see anything exactly the same as the problem I'm having.
I haven't installed any new programs or really done much with the g5 apart from mail/surf for the last few months, it's usually on 24/7 however.
Turned it off overnight the other day and when I switched on in the morning it starts to boot but as soon as it seems to get to the point where the desktop would display (after the spinning cirle) I get some rubbish on the screen (imagine you've set the resolution incorrectly on a pc, looks a bit like that) - it then just shuts down.
Booting up in safe mode works fine, after I did this I went into the disk utility and checked permissions, it did find a couple of problems so once I fixed them I rebooted normally. Came up fine. However this morning when I tried the same thing once again it won't boot up, only in safe mode! Scratching my head a bit, anyone seen this or got any suggestions please?

Many thanks,


iMAC G5   Mac OS X (10.4.8)