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I've been running an OS X Server 10.4.2 server for several months without a problem. This morning I came in to find none of the clients able to log into their network user accounts.

Sure enough, login window indicated "network accounts unavailable". I logged into a local user on several clients, and found the automount share point with the user directories was not available.

I attempted to unbind, then bind via Directory Access without success. Directory access apears to register the computer, even warns that a record for each computer already exists, but will not load the share point even after a restart.

I've toggled the automount on and off via WorkGroup manager to no avail. The server is still on the network, it gets an internet connection, and can be logged into via File SHaring without problem--just the automount share point with the network user account info fails to work as it has been.

Suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.


2.66GHz Xeon Mac Pro, Mac OS 10.4.2 Server