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Any word on iPhoto being made available to run on a Windows machine (like iTunes)? (It would make sharing photos easier between platforms - especially if a household bought a new Mac computer in addition to existing PC computers).

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    Can't imagine Apple releasing iphoto to the windows market.

    iTunes is available mainly to interface the windows world with ipod capability (which makes a lot of business sense for Apple).

    The software close to iphoto for widows is picasa:


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    Thanks for the reply. Would you know if Picasa can access the iPhoto library? If not, would you know if Photoshop Essentials or other windows-based S/W can access the iPhoto library?

    (Asking because have a windows-based custom media pc and a new Apple notebook. Would like to be able to view, edit, share photos in a manner regardless of platform).

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    No Picasa cannot read and iPhoto library, nor can any of the other apps. What might work is to use an app like MyPhoto to make an online album that is up-to-date with your iPhoto.

    There really is no comfortable way to share an iPhoto library - note Library, not pics - across platforms. It's a consumer app, it's not even recommended to share write access to the database on Macs.