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When installing OS 8/9, the user is prompted for "Registration Information" ie name, address, etc. I'm under the assumption that this information is stored...SOMEWHERE in some file within the file structure. Can anyone verify this? Can anyone tell me where it can be found?

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  • Don Archibald Level 10 (101,350 points)
    Hi, liquidmice -

    I have no idea where that info might be stored - might be in a generic-sounding prefs file, or in an invisible file of some kind, or elsewhere.

    However, you may be able to change what has been stored by running the Mac OS Setup Assistant utility again. That app is usually left behind after an installation - it is initially triggered by an alias to it in the Startup Items folder, which causes Mac OS Setup Assistant to be run the first time the machine is booted after installing the fresh OS; that alias is removed after completing the screens presented, but the app itself is usually left behind.

    Look for Mac OS Setup Assistant on your hard drive, and run it again - you should be able to enter new info in the various data fields.

    If you can not find Mac OS Setup Assistant anywhere on your drive, you can obtain a fresh copy from the Installation Tome on an OS 9 Install CD. You can use the utility TomeViewer to extract (expand) any files you want from an Installation Tome on an OS Install CD or download disk image, without running the installer.
    How to use TomeViewer

    Note - on an OS 9.0 Install CD, the name of the tome is just Tome; on all others it is named Installation Tome. In all instances it can be found here - (CD) >> Software Installers >> System Software >> Mac OS 9.# >> Installation Tome (or Tome).
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    Yea... I am actually attempting to recover the information currently stored on the machine. So yes I am looking for that elusive file... No luck yet. If there is an invisible file on the drive, I'll be able to see it... and that's what I'm searching for! Thanks.

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    You can use Greg's Browser to see the visible & invisible files on your HD. With Greg's Browser you can change an invisible file to visible.

    Also look at this link. http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=25206

     Cheers, Tom