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Just recently purchased the MacBook for home use. If I am going to use the computer for internet use throughout the day is it necessary to get the Base Station or will the NetGear do the job just the same but at a cheaper price. I don't have a problem paying the extra $$ if the Base Station provides a better product with less fuss and issues.

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    I just purchased a Macbook and bought a Netgear 802.11 Super G 108mbs router and I love it. It was as simple as turning off my cable router, plugging in all the cables, turning back on the cable router and letting it boot up, then turning on the Netgear router. I then opened Firefox, which took me to the Netgear setup page. Setup was very simple. The range and speed are incredible, and I have I also have a network set up...it took me about 3 secs to transfer a 15mb file over my wireless network. Save your money and get a non apple router
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    I have your same model router and it works great. Very fast and good range. The Airport base station can do the new "n" speeds and range, but you need a Core 2 Duo to use it. I have the older Core Duo so can't use it. Even if I could use it, I can't see paying so much more money for the Airport. I got the Netgear on sale for $29. Hope this helps.

    Dave B.

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    I use that same router and it works fabulously. Of course the AEBS is going to be easier to set up in true Apple fashion, but it is not difficult at all to get that router up and running quickly.

    The main difference between a standard router and the AEBS is that the AEBS has USB port that can be used as a print server or as a port to plug in a USB hard drive for backing up over a network. Of course it is a Draft-N router as well while the Netgear WGRE614 is standard 802.11G. All that means is that for file transfers over the network the AEBS will be faster if all wireless devices are using similar Draft-N equipment. The "N" will do nothing for the speed of your internet.

    I have no need for a print server and have other computers on the network to back up to if needed. I bought my Netgear router for about $30 and have been very pleased with it.