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I just got a xbox 360 and im curious whether or not i can use my computer screen as a display to play it on?

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    Unless you want to figure out the pinout for the ribbon cable going between the screen and notebook, no.

    You could use an external video capture card, which then runs into your computer, but that would probably be slow, and you'd have to have your computer system running.
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    Hi Casey, if you are talking about a monitor and not a laptop screen, then yes you sure can. You just need the Xbox 360 VGA HD AV cable. It's $40.

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    Dieds, would this solution work for an iMac as well?

    For instance, could I hook up (insert game console here) to an iMac, and only utilize the screen?
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    Not without the method(s) I reffered to above, no.
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    Hi Matheis

    If the iMac doesn't have VGA input, then I don't think so. I am unfamiliar with iMacs -- do they have VGA? It seems odd that it wouldn't.
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    So there is no way to use my 24" iMac as a screen for my Xbox 360?
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    Elgato EyeTV Hybrid...


    Again this is from their FAQ

    You can. The analog inputs of EyeTV Hybrid have a delay of only few milliseconds, allowing for excellent live gameplay. Other EyeTV devices have encoding hardware that causes a larger delay, rendering gameplay difficult to impossible.

    Next generation systems like PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 can use component or other higher end connections. EyeTV Hybrid can only use composite RCA and S-Video from these systems, and cannot receive HDTV via component or other connections. Nintendo Wii will not feature HDTV, so this platform will be supported just like the current PlayStation 2/GameCube/Xbox consoles.

    Some Games published on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii Virtual Console might not work on the Hybrid. PAL 60Hz input is not supported, and some widescreen content may not be accessible.

    In short, any came console that has composite (red, white, yellow) or S-Video output as an option can work with EyeTV Hybrid.

    An inexhaustive list of supported consoles would be:

    PlayStation 2
    PlayStation 3 (not all games)
    Wii (not all games - Virtual Console might be an issue)
    Xbox 360 (not all games)

    All of the above have composite and S-Video output. Component, HDMI, DVI, VGA and other outputs cannot be used with EyeTV Hybrid.

    The digital ATSC or DVB-T inputs cannot be used to play video games. Use the analog inputs (composite, S-Video, analog RF) instead.

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    It there a cheaper alternative? Like somthing for like $20 or $30?