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JerryZ72 Level 1 (0 points)
I just began ripping my latest pile of cd's into iTunes on my new Vista Media Center PC. Occasionally I get the popup "The iTunes library file cannot be saved. You do not have enough access privileges for thei operation" I checked and double checked the security on all of the iTunes files and folders, and not only do I (the system administrator), but also SYSTEM and Everyone have full access to the folder and files. My library is in C:\Users\Jerry\Music\iTunes\ , which is the default installation directory selected by iTunes. I have almost 11,000 songs, and I have already completely rebuilt the library in this version of iTunes as a means to try to resolve this problem. I am on iTunes , everything on the PC is up to date, and I see nothing that makes this error seem correct. Has anyone else seen this, and do you have a fix? What are the implications of NOT saving the file? Thanks, Jerry

HP Pavilion m7690y, Other OS, Windows Vista, 500GB RAID 0, 4GB RAM, DVD +-RW, DVD ROM, Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme, nVidia GeForce 7500 Le
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    I get the same message sometimes on my itunes when I rip a cd I'm also using vista. Anyone got any info on what is going on or how to cure this?
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    I got the same problem but it has never occured before it just started happening today have already imported one CD today and then started another when this happened. Any one got any ideas?
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    Same issue here. Running Windows Vista Home Premium Edition and newest version of iTunes. Normally happens when I am ripping a CD into iTunes and by chance multi task or the screen saver kicks in.

    What ***** is if you walk away while ripping a CD(because it takes 3 times as long in iTunes vs any other ripper), and it will halt your ripping until you click "ok". I have not tried the "dont tell me again" check box just in case it is a problem I need to know about. This happened about 2 or 3 days after upgrading to Vista and I got an empty library the next time I opened the library. Somehow it got corrupted. Luckily I back up the xml file and just restored that one file from last back up.

    (off subject but also getting the maxed our processor still in the newest version for Windows Vista. Wish they would fix that!)
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    I too have the issue, but it arises typically after downloading a track into itunes. The issue is that it does not save the track to the library file and you are forced to add the track again. It is very fustrating and i have updated and rebuilt itunes 2x. I have contacted Apple, but they do not seem to have any answer or understanding the underlying causes.
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    Add me to the list! Same message - just started yesterday and appears randomly. Also a "satisfied" (sic) Vista user. Is that the trouble? Not much help available to solve this.
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    Yes, alas misery does love company. Seems to happen arbitrarily and is quite inconvenient. Hopefully a patch will be forthcoming.
  • Grrrlie Level 1 (10 points)
    It sounds like a definite permissions error. Although not specifically for Vista, here is an Apple article that talks about it:


    Also, Vista has a parental Control feature that can sometimes cause issues like this one. You may want to disable the parental controls if they are enabled.