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Mac OS 9 program needed to be a VoIP client, that can fit on a flash drive. Needs to be able to make outbound calls, receive VoIP inbound calls, and provide a simple to use User Interface.

If you are not a programmer but know a good archive of Mac OS 9 software, or a place where Mac OS 9 programmers meet or interact online, please let me know.

I am searching for a way to make older Macs still usable in today's world. The idea is simple - make these machines useful and they won't need to be thrown into landfills or other garbage dumps. My Mac is sitting idle because I can't figure out how to get VoIP working in Mac OS 9.

If there is a programmer out there that is willing to tackle an issue I might be able to finance the project, although not by a lot. At least a million of G3 iMacs have been sold, and if they can be used for VoIP and similar then they can continue to be of great use.

iMac G3 233, Mac OS 9.1.x, VoIP, G3 iMac, programming
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