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Bojan Landekic Level 1 (0 points)
For some reason my name, although appearing correctly in the My Info portion of this discussion feature of Apple's website, appears with a question mark after a somewhat truncated last name in My Settings, and probably on varoius posts.

This is an error and should be corrected, however I do not know where to report a bug with Apple's website.

iMac G4 350, Mac OS X (10.3.9), bug
  • Tom Gewecke Level 9 (77,140 points)
    probably on varoius posts.

    Do you have the url of an example of one of your posts with the name wrong? Is it supposed to read "Bojan Landekic"?
  • ali brown Level 7 (26,465 points)
    Hi Bojan!

    I have viewed all of your 8 posts, and do not see a problem with the way your User Name is displayed.
    So perhaps, the issue has something to do with your browser preferences. Maybe something in the Font preferences?

    ali b
  • Bojan Landekic Level 1 (0 points)
    View my profile by clicking on my name and look at the difference between name and alias. In fact, I have not figured out how to change the portion that says alias, whlie name has a question mark instead of the last character.
  • Bojan Landekic Level 1 (0 points)
    the last character of my last name is not correct. In fact the system is displaying some alias that i do not know how is computed from my name that I have entered into My Settings.
  • ali brown Level 7 (26,465 points)
    Hello Again Bojan!

    In your Profile, I do see the ? at the end of your Name.

    You should be able to edit that here My Info.

    But you cannot change the Alias Bojan Landekic.

    Although you can't change the Alias of the account you are using, you can create a new Discussions Account, with an Alias that you prefer.
    You cannot delete your present account. Just stop using it, after you have created a new one.

    You can use all of the same info in the new account, Email address, Edited User name, etc, just be sure to insert a new Alias of your choosing.

    But your Level(0), Points(0), Total Posts(11), Total Posts Online(11) and Registered Date(9/20/06), will not be transferred.
    In the new account, your Post Counts, Points, & Level Status will all start at 0. Your Registered Date will be the date you create the new account.
    Your old account, with your previous counts & level, will still be viewable, under the old Alias.

    After you quit using the old account, those posts, will be archived. What that means is, that if there are no additional responses in the Threads they reside in, the Topics will get continually pushed down on the Topics list. After a certain amount of time, maybe 2 to 6 months, the Threads will be locked, so no responses can be entered. But the Threads will not disappear.
    Threads in heavily trafficked Forums, may be archived more rapidly than those in areas, with less activity.

    The Topics that you started using the old account, will show your Old Alias, in the Author field of a main forum page, but eventually, readers will have to keep going to the succeeding pages to view them.

    If someone were to do a Discussions Search, using these parameters:

    Restrict by Category or Forum: All Categories
    Restrict by Date Range: All
    Restrict by Username: Your Old Alias

    all of your posts, created since about 11/13/05, would be found.

    To create a new account,

    Log out of Discussions. You also may have to delete the Apple Cookies in your browser preferences, but I'm not sure this is necessary. Then follow either of these instructions.

    -How Do I Create My Account?
    If you haven't signed up for an Apple ID for the Apple Store or AppleCare Support website (or forgot your old one), you can create a new account on the My Info webpage. Just click the "create one" link on the right side of the My Info page. Choose your country location and preferred language from the appropriate pop-up menus, then click Create Account. In the resulting page, enter a unique name (such as your email address) in the Apple ID field and fill in your other relevant information accordingly (fields marked with * are required). Click Continue to complete the process.

    -To register, click Login in the sidebar on the right side of the Discussions page. In the resulting page, click the "create one" link at the bottom of the page, then click "create one" in the subsequent page and follow the instructions to create an Apple ID. For more information, see the Apple ID FAQ page.

    Those instructions, and more info, can also be viewed by clicking on ?Help & Terms of Use, in the right column of Discussions pages.

    And Thank You, for extending the courtesy, of awarding stars in Discussions!

    ali b
  • Tom Gewecke Level 9 (77,140 points)
    Sorry to ask again, but you failed to answer the question: Is the name attached to your posts supposed to be "Bojan Landekic" or not? If not, please type what it is supposed to be in your reply. These forums accept all special characters.
  • Bojan Landekic Level 1 (0 points)
    Hello Ali!

    Your advice is like saying we've polluted this planet let's go find another!

    First off, the alias changed when I updated My Settings yesterday, it didn't used to say what it says now - so aliases can be changed indirectely.

    Secondly, the Name looks proper in My Info and the last character is replaced in the Apple Discussions by a question mark - thus there is no reason for me to edit it since it is already correct.

    As I stated, this is a bug in the Apple software that needs to be corrected.
  • Level 4 (3,910 points)

    I am investigating this issue. There is another user with a similar issue. I do not know when this will be corrected, but it has been noted.

    Apple Discussions
  • Bojan Landekic Level 1 (0 points)
    I woudln't have said the user has a similar issue since it is the site that has the problem, or rather the code that does not permit non-ASCII or non-US charactersets to be utilized, such as Serbian-Latin, or Russian, or others perhaps, though I don't know since I don't get paid to test this crap.

    It is interesting to note that portions of Apple.com's site support full international sets while other portions lack almost all except English support. Apple could really save on code and space utilization if they used more modular code. Kinda frightening to discover that each part of Apple.com is a heap of code in and of itself, a hodgepodge rather than a finely crafted site. Dissapointing - glad the hardware is great though!
  • Karsten Schlüter Level 7 (32,185 points)

    I'm on this board for a while, my name is on posts displayed well, including my umlaut ü, but in my profile, it is writen Schl.ter..

    .. this is an international board, but forum's lingua franca is more a kind of ... pidgin