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When I used a hospital wireless signal for the first time, I had no problem connecting on my MacBook Pro via Airport and browsing the internet after accpeting the terms displayed on a captive portal in Safari.

However, any attempts following that first session, I have been unsuccessful. Airport is picking up the wireless signal loud and clear, but the Safari gives me the "not connected to the internet/network diagnostics" page and will not display the captive portal again. Mail, and iChat are also not able to connect to the internet. I recall having a similar situation at at a mall that also offered free public wireless.

Is there a reason that maybe now the captive portal is not displaying, and preventing me from gaining access to the connection? Is there a way to "reset" or "force" the captive portal to allow access?

I have tried restarting, using a different browser, clearing caches... nothing seems to help. Any ideas?

Using MBP Intel

iMac G5 2GHz • 15" MacBook Pro 2GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.8)