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I've been using Turbo Tax with no issues for several weeks on my PowerBook running 10.3.9. All was good. OS X and Turbo Tax itself are both updated with all the latest patches. No problems running anything I've ever tried to run. Even did my taxes early this year...

Last night Software Update found new versions of iTunes and QuickTime to install, so I let it go ahead and do so. This seems to have been my mistake.

After the successful installation and restart I decided to do some more tax related work. However, now Turbo Tax won't run.

From the console log, each time Turbo Tax starts (and immediately exits) I see this:

Error locating symbol - dlcompat: Symbol "_JVTDecoOpen" not found

A Google search and a search on Apple's site yielded no hits. I knew I was in trouble.

Assuming that somehow Turbo Tax had become corrupted, I de-installed and completely re-installed from scratch (from the known good CD).

Same problem.

Error locating symbol - dlcompat: Symbol "_JVTDecoOpen" not found

I contacted Intuit support and they suggested re-installation of Turbo Tax - which I'd already done.

So the only changes (that I'm aware of) between a working Turbo Tax and a "broken" Turbo Tax were the Apple updates to iTunes (7.1) and QuickTime (7.1.5).

I can't explain how these changes would break seemingly unrelated software, but I've seen stranger things.

I've done a disk permissions repair, and that cleaned up a few things - but made no change for the problem at hand. I've scanned the drive looking for anything related to the error and turned up nothing. I made sure that Turbo Tax was completely wiped (every associated file) before re-installing. I don't know enough about the dlcompat routines to do any debugging, or to even guess what it's trying to do.

Any ideas?



PowerBook M7572 Pismo G3, Mac OS X (10.3.9), 400MHz / 576M RAM
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