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As I am new to this OS please excuse my rather stupid question but I need some clarity here.

The system has several user accounts, without any special OS modifications - 10.3.9. Only one account is marked as being able to administer the system in System Preferences-Accounts.

It was needed for some data of user1 to be moved to user2's home directory. This was accomplished by moving user1 data to their Public folder. Then user2 logged in and copied from that folder to their home folder. However they cannot open the files.

As the administrator, I logged in and turns out the file permissions are still set to user1 on the data that is now in user2's home directory. The data belongs to user2 but was being worked on under user1's login while the account for user2 was being setup.

I thought it was possible to graphically change the permissions by user2 by simple selecting the folder, going into Ownership & Permissions, unlocking them, changing the Owner to their user ID, and then clicking on Apply to Enclosed Items. When this was done, an OS 9 watch appeared indicating the system was busy for a while. Then user2 checked the data and it was still set to user1 as the owner. user2 still has read-only access. However, if user2 changes each file individually, the permissions do get set. As there are many files this is impractical.

As the administrator I logged into my account and tried to do the same thing - it does not work for me either.

Then I tried using the terminal approach. I tried using su - adminaccount, then I used the chown command and this was the result:

chown: /Volumes/disk2/Users/user2/Data: Permission denied

How is permission denied to the administrator? What can I do to correct this problem? What other information is needed to resolve this? I honestly do not want to sit here and manually change every single permission attribute for every single file whenever a similar issue happens.

is there a tool that can assist with users passing data amongst themselves, such as iMovie projects, or Logic projects, so that they do not have to worry about silly things like permissions as those aren't matters a user should ever be concerned with?

iMac G4 350, Mac OS X (10.3.9), file permissions