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arkling Level 1 (20 points)
Does anyone know of software that will allow me to take an interactive DVD I create in DVD Studio Pro and turn it into an interactive Quicktime or Flash file ?

This would be of great use for some of the smaller projects, and I get asked for it now and then for variouse reasons.

Any thoughts ?

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  • Drew13 Level 6 (12,325 points)
    There is nothing that I have heard of that will change a VIDEO_TS folder to an interactive Quicktime or Flash project, if I was going to bet [unless I missed it somewhere] there is no such thing to take a VIDEO_TS folder and convert to an interactive Quicktime or Flash item.

    You can export elements (audio/video) but none of the interactivity. So you would be better off just authoring the Flash/Quicktime from scratch
  • arkling Level 1 (20 points)
    Thanks Drew

    Thats what I thought, I was just hoping
    Something that will take me an hour in DVDSP will easily take me several hours in flash (and that's being conservative) I'm really not very good at flash and don't have much interest in it, but for some reason it seems to be a commonly requested format for "prototypes" and the like. Usually the prototypes don't have all the video content, but they are usually most interested in the look/feel/navigation of things.

    anyhow, thanks again. If there's any aspiring programmers out there (or an Apple rep.) this would be a nice program to have, or an export to prototype option that would allow export to interactive quicktime and/or flash within DVDSP itself would be awesome !