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hi, does anyone know how to set an away message in apple mail? i am going on vacation soon and would like to set up mail to respond to any e-mail i get with a message saying when i will return. can anyone help?


Mac OS X (10.4.6)
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    You can create a rule to send a short reply. Open Mail preferences and click on the Rules icon in the toolbar. Click on Add Rule button.

    Set the If drop down menu to Any
    Set the Rule drop down menu to Every Message
    Under Perform the following actions:

    Set the first drop down to Reply to Message then click on the Reply Message Text button and enter your reply message in the dialog field.

    Click on the "+" button to add a second line and set the first drop down to Stop Evaluating Rules.

    Click on the OK button. Move the rule to the top of the list. This will assure that the only thing that will happen when a message is received is this rule.

    You will of course need to leave your computer on and Mail running during your absence.

    Be aware that the reply will be sent to every received email including spammers, etc. unless you make the rule more restrictive such as limiting it only to senders in your Address Book. It also means everyone who receives the reply will know you're away and for how long. This may be a security risk for your home or business.

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