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lauren49 Level 1 Level 1
Grrr....my iPod will not turn off. I have tried resetting it by turning the Hold on/off then holding down the middle button. The Apple icon shows up but it still will not turn off.


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  • iPod iThink Level 1 Level 1
    Are you holding the center button and Menu together? You need to hold both to reset the iPod. Mine does the same thing, and that has always fixed it.

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  • fumphis Level 1 Level 1
    I am having the same problem. Out of the blue, my Nano started refusing to turn off. Yes, I reset it (multiple times) and yes, I held down both Menu and select. The iPod would reset, but when it turned on again it would not go off. I've left it on for over an hour with no songs playing and it didn't turn off, and I've obviously held down Play for minutes on end, with no result. Anyone?
  • deggie Level 9 Level 9
    Have you tried restoring it?
  • jeanette _jeremy Level 1 Level 1
    Im having a similar problem with my ipod, it wount turn off its stuck on the menu and pause is on. I have tried to restore it and followed all the steps but it would not recognise my ipod! Help!
  • yamahagirl72 Level 1 Level 1
    I am having the same problem. Mine started to not turn off when I started using the iHome. I keep my nano in my iHome when not in use and now it will not shut off, I can shut it off using the iHome buttons itself, but once I remove the nano from the iHome, it turns on and wont shut off!

    Anyone have any suggestions?
  • iPod_nano_1_GB Level 5 Level 5
    There are a few things to try with an iPod that won't turn off.

    First of all, be sure that your "Hold" switch isn't turned on (the hold switch is located on the top of your iPod).

    Then, after you’ve verified that your iPod’s Hold switch isn’t on, here a few things to try:

    -- Reset the iPod. Be sure you're doing it the correct way: Press and hold the Menu and Select (center) buttons together for about 5-10 seconds.

    Be sure to also try connecting your iPod to a power source while doing this step several times.

    -- Try toggling the Hold switch. Flip the "Hold" switch on your iPod (located on the top) back and forth several times.

    Again, this includes connecting the iPod to a power source while you're toggling the Hold switch back and forth (this worked for someone who's iPod wasn't responding to anything).

    -- Try letting your iPod's battery drain out. Use your iPod enough that its battery finally goes dead, asking to re-charge it.

    At this point, connect your iPod to your computer's USB or a charger, and leave it there for a couple of hours.

    Now see if your iPod will turn off after trying that.

    -- If none of these work, you might want to try Restoring your iPod. Note that this does delete all the contents off the iPod (which is why it is somewhat more of a "last resort"), but often clears up iPod issues you might be facing.
    For more info on this process, take a look at this Knowledge Base article:

    Restoring your iPod to factory settings

  • Dance_Maniac Level 1 Level 1
    If this iPod is a Nano, try holding the menu and play buttons for 5-10 seconds. You may have to try a couple of times to hit them at the same time... but it works.