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David Blomstrom Level 1 (5 points)
On my PC keyboard, there's a button that says "Screen Print." If I push it, it captures an image of whatever is visible on my computer monitor, which I can then paste into Photoshop.

Can I do the same thing with my MacBook Pro? If so, how? There's one catch: I haven't yet ported Photoshop over from my PC. So if I can do a screen print, I have to be able to somehow save or paste it as something other than a Photoshop file.

On a similar note, I've been using Safari to view videos from YouTube. When a video starts playing, I can click it to bring up a much larger version in a separate screen, with a black background. I've figured out how to freeze the video on a particular picture, which I'd like to save. Is there another way to do it, if I can't use a Print Screen function?


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