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I am trying to do a major upgrade of my hard drives. Right now I have the original 6GB drive and a 40GB secondary. I want to remove the 6GB drive and replace it with a 120GB drive. This should be straightforward, BUT - I have discovered that my OSX 10.2 discs have vanished, and the OS is currently locatd on the 6GB drive.
Is it possible to somehow transfer the OS from the old drive to either the current secondary or (better) to the new 120GB drive? I have tried moving the "system" folder from one drive to the other but have had no success with OSX (though I was able to move OS9 without any apparent difficulty).
Any ideas? I'd hate to have to buy another copy of 10.2, but that may be my only option.

G3 Blueberry w/G4 processor, Mac OS X (10.2.x)