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I have a Imac G5 1.9 17' with a yellow vertical line 1px wide about two inches of the right side. My mac is 1 year 3 days old with no extended coverage

I bough this mac in the US and take it back to my home country in Argentina where i actually live. This line appeared a coule of days ago.

Now, i have read this is a know problem by many users, i need to know if this trouble can get WORSE, and also if this is a manufacters defect and apple does something about it or if im alone at this (as i think i am).

If this yellow line on screen got worse for anyone let me know becouse i might want to sell this mac before that happens, or some advice on what to do that doesnt involve calling the US i would be apreciated.


Imac G5 1.9 17''
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