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Marilyn Reich Level 1 (5 points)
I just got a new mini--hooked it up to the Viewsonic VA1930wm monitor and no sound comes from the monitor. When I go into the sound preferences--it doesn't seem to see it. The mini itself has sound--but I want it to come from the monitor. There are no drivers available..am I doing something wrong?--or should I get a different monitor--and if so--which one?

mini, Mac OS X (10.4.8)
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    Most monitors with audio have an audio in 1/8th inch input jack to run a cable between the monitor and the computer's sound output jack. Usually it comes supplied with a cable to go between the computer and the monitor that fits that jack. If your monitor was missing such a cable, you can buy it at Radio Shack. Look at the under side or back of the monitor for where the video cable comes in. Somewhere near there should be the audio jack. If there are multiple, you may need to split the channels coming out of the stereo built-in to the back of the Mac Mini. Which Mac Mini model do you have? Is it an Intel or PowerPC?
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    Marilyn Reich-

    Audio and video are two separate signals, and therefore must each be fed separately to the monitor. The fact that you have audio coming out of the Mini suggests that you don't have the audio connected to the TV.


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    I have that cable--and it is hooked up. I have the new intel core mini. Help me please.
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    The mini itself has sound--but I want it to come from the monitor.

    If you are hearing sound from the Mini then you probably don't have an audio cable plugged into the Mini's headphone jack. Possibly you plugged the cable into the sound input jack by mistake instead? It is right next to the headphone jack.

    The correct jack hole to plug into has a small picture on headphones above it. It is the hole closest to the edge of the mini.

    Another possibility is that your monitor has both input and output jacks for sound. If so, be sure the audio cable from the Mini goes into the sound input jack hole for the Monitor.
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    You sure it is hooked up in the headphone port of the Mini? Look at this image:

    Edit: If the monitor came with two cables, usually that's for splitting left and right channels. You want something to bring that together into a single stereo cable which Radio Shack sells if it came with two cables.