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im borrowing my friends ipod video 30gb. i was listening to a song and it froze, so i held the select and menu buttons and restarted it. when it restarted, it said it needs to be plugged into Itunes and restored. ive been trying to restore it, and every time it gets to the part where the ipod shows the apple logo and the progress meter thing, when it finishes, itunes goes back to saying it needs to be restored again, even though ive been trying to do that. can anyone please help me?

dell dimension 2200, Windows XP Pro
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    Well, i have had to restart my 60GB iPod, so i'm guessing the procedure for yours should be the same. Here's what to do:
    Connect it to the computer and make sure the 'do not disconnect' icon shows. Then put the Hold button on for a few seconds, turn it off, and press the menu and center buttons simultaneously for 6 seconds.
    This should work, leaving the apple icon on the screen.

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    when you say push the buttons simultaneously, do you mean keep clicking them one at a time? cause that does nothing for me. but if you mean the turn off and restart thing i just tried that. it took me to the black screen with the logo, but then it went back to the screen that says "CONNECT TO YOUR COMPUTER USE ITUNES TO RESTORE"and while its plugged in it will do that for a second then just go back to the do not disconnect screen.
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    I also have the same problem with my ipod!!!!
    it was too slow, so i thought resetting it qould help, but...
    it simply asked to connect to the pc and restore!!

    Ipod 30 gb   Windows XP  
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    same here but now it says to go to www.apple.com/support/ipod/ (and has an ipod with X's for eyes on the top) and says the battery is low and restarts again