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I've removed iTunes from my computer, but still have all songs on my iPod. How should I reinstall and get my songs back in iTunes?


Windows XP
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    You need to explain a little more about what you did.

    What exactly did you delete? Did you unsintall the iTunes program or delete files from your My documents folder? The more exact you can be about what you did the easier it is to give advice.
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    I accidently uninstalled iTunes on my computer. All the origional songs are still on my iPod but none on my computer. How do i restore iTunes but still have all my songs in the library?
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    If you just uninstalled the iTunes program then your files should still be on your PC. The default location is:
    My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music

    or is that what you deleted? It is important to know exactly what you did. I am still in doubt about whether you deleted your music files or uninstalled the iTunes program or both. You know what you mean, but I am still uncertain.

    If you deleted your music files, check your recycle bin. But often there isn't enough room in it for all your music.

    It is possible to recover you music from your iPod see this Zevoneer post:
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    Hi .

    I run a pc, so heres how i did it. go into control panel and under folder settings select view all (as to see all hidden files). then plug in your ipod. go into it through my computer (should show up as a drive). go into ipodcontrol or something like that and copy all those files to your computer in a folder. then install itunes and select the "add folder" option in the file menu. It should add all the files and have their names. Double check all your music is in itunes and then upload to the ipod (otherwise it thinks your ipod isn't connected to your library and will ask you if you want to load your music from your library onto it all the time)

    recommended you consolidate your library after doing this, then itunes renames your files so all your songs arn't named wierdly in the folder. if you consolidate then you can delete the files you copied directly from the ipod, if you don't you CAN'T delete them, otherwise you WON'T be able to play the songs.

    hope this helps, if you need clarification just ask