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Been looking for sevral yrs. Palm leads me to (probably) the Treo600. Don't know any specifics on other cell mfgs.
Can never get a definitive ans. Always, the three entity (Apple, software co. or cell mfg.) shell game; one says you have to √ with the other 1, or both.
If anybodies got a hands-on resolution I would certainly appreciate it. It's scary & vital to me. I have no hard or soft copy of the pertinent info. With my handwriting & constant editing it's been a fearful nightmare!

Power Mac G3 beige, Mac OS 9.2.x, dual HD-8.5GB ea. 1.) 2.69GB used, [26,437 items], 5.81GB avail. 2.) 621.3MB used, [4656 items], 7
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    Hi, D π T, and wwelcome to Apple Discussions. Apple hasn't given a thought to OS 9 in years; they announced back in '02 or '03 that they were all done tinkering with it. Any hardware or software that has been released by another manufacturer since then may or may not be OS 9-compatible, and Apple isn't concerned with it.

    Basically, if you have equipment that was supposed to be compatible with OS 9 back when OS 9 was current, the time to get support for it was then. OS 9 is now outdated and unsupported, and if your phone is as old as OS 9, I suspect it's probably unsupported by its manufacturer, too — which leaves you on your own.

    Have you considered transcribing the data off the phone by hand? Tedious to be sure, but it might actually take less time and energy than finding the appropriate software and getting it to work.
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    WOW! Such a quick response! It's appreciated, & the "welcome", also. Saw your 'road sign' numerous times; drudging through all the lists. Impressed with your gifted work (& prodigious figures); somthing to aspire to.

    Orig. 'attempts' to post this ques. to verbose. Tried to give some of my brief histort re: 'puterdom(dumb). As succintly as poss.:

    1.) First pc, June 6 '01, was a Power Book 5300, forced on me by one of my best friends (name de plume, Frodo {listed in the ph. book as F.. Baggins for 35yrs}). An old girlfriend he'd sold it to, "...moving to the west coast & needs to sell it,... $200".

    He's been on Mac 10-15 yrs., all I ever did was try to help him w/the purchases from time to time. If I needed somthing I got him to do it.

    2.) He showed up at my backdoor with this little black box under his arm & said, "Your gonna get on the computer." My dark, auburn beard turned gray in that year; I swear, no exageration. Told this story 1000s of times: Ying and yang. I; old rough n' tumble football player. He; gentle artist & photographer said, many times, "D. ..., you can't hit this machine!"

    Anyway, new development! Yesterday, said he'd found a poss. solution to my quest for OSX. I'm on disability-biggest prob. of which is not just physical but fiscal. Christmas '05 (Jan. '06) he cleaned up & gave me his old Power Mac G3 beige. Needed serial ports to avoid new periphal purchases. I upgraded (downloaded) to 9.2.2 & inst. new USB card from Mac-Pro Sys.

    Been stuck there in the "Land of no Support" & "Mac for Dummies". Can only go to 10.2.8 & the CD's almost 3/4s of the $s for the base Mac-Mini. Plus-every thing I need it for starts at 10.3.x. (Still don't have feline nomenclature down pat.)

    For a couple weeks he's been searching auctions for a little extra machine power to back up a web design work. He found, purchased & rec'd. a Mac Cube G4 (1 gig of RAM!) for $150 (plus s&h), w/keyboard (na mouse). The top-slot CD drive's not working right (& he dosen't know if it's supposed to write or not, somthing I want). He thinks I could get it replaced (prefered) or get an external for 'round $30-$40. HE dosen't know how high but; he's pretty sure the OS can be upgraded. Ha! Say's it looks so good, unique & had such a short run, right before the Mac-Mini, that it'll probably be a collector's item someday.

    With reducing his tab to me by approx. $200-$250 is it a good deal? I trust him! He says it seems to work allright, 'cept for the CD drive. Is that available; how much? Haven't looked yet. Any suggestions exactlly where to look &/or do you know the maxium OS I can download for it? Given my frugal necessities, if it is a good deal, it might solve lot of the pesky problems I've been having. Excluding the graphics & mini cad progs. I need to learn; my Classic Mac seems to have fallen a little to far behind the curve to be a good 'primer/learning-tool'. Unable to even download the "Flash Player 8" required on 95% of the sites I see.

    Not sure how this 'reply' works eww, but really appreciate your imput. The "tedious" possibly overcome; the ledgibillity???. No way! Don't know if this goes to a general posting or is a post in a string of continous posts. If anyone else were to weigh in it would be appreciated.

    Again, Thanks eww,

    D π T