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After updating to 10.4.9 today on my BlackBook, I restarted remotely through VNC. After that I could not see a login screen through VNC, just a dark blue bank across the top of the session window. So I had to wait until I got home.

After physically logging in, I noticed extensive video corruption, like bad interference from a TV set - only I don't own a TV! It looked like this:

I disconnected my Sony 19" external LCD display, my FireWire hard drive and iSight, and items plugged into my USB hub, but no change. Then I started Disk Utility after reading that several others had had disk failures, and immediately got the death screen telling me I had to restart. Fearing the worst, I did so.

But after the restart everything is looking good, and there is no further sign of the video corruption. I'm lucky this time, I guess.

MacBook (Black) 2.0 GHz/1 GB/80 GB HD, Mac OS X (10.4.8), I also run Ubuntu Linux & WinXP in Parallels