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HELP!! For some reason, my MacBookPro 17" stopped giving me low battery warnings. It always used to, but now it just shuts off without warning. I've read through the other discussions for tips and here is what I have done so far: I've re-calibrated the battery, reset the PMU, zapped the PRAM, run all software updates, and run disk utilities. So far, nothing has helped. It used to get down to roughly 6-12% battery life showing and the icon would change from black to red and it would beep and flash and tell me that I am running on reserve power. Now, the icon is still showing as black and then the computer just shuts off when it is still reading around 30% charged. I don't know what else to do, but this is extremely frustrating. This machine is less than a year old. Please help!

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    Call apple support or take it to an Apple store. When you call Apple Support, be sure you have your install DVD in hand. They may ask you to boot from it. Describe your problem; they will ask you to reset the PRAM as well as do a power management reset. Be patient. In my experience, when these didn't work, they sent out a new battery, and the replacement has been great. I suspect there is a microprocessor in the battery that is failing and the computer is not able to "read" the battery charge correctly. I will say when I called Apple Support they were very help ( a great guy in Niagra Falls), and I received a new battery the next day. Be patient with the tech support people, they are really trying to do their job.
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    Thanks! I set up to take it to an Apple store this afternoon. I will let you know if they figure anything out.
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    I have a 15" MacBook Pro that is less than a year old. Over the last week or so my computer has begun shutting off when the battery reaches around the 15-20% level. I think this might correspond to when I updated to 10.4.9 although I am not sure. TandE, did you learn anything at the Apple Store?

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    i had the same problem. my battery had to be replaced - no such problem since then (so far)!

    good luck!
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    Ladies and gentlemen,

    This is my THIRD battery on a 15" MBP 1 year old. It is again shutting down at 50%. My first issue was that the battery would lose its charge very quickly and then go to sleep. My second battery started shutting the MBP down with 50% and would not boot up unless the power supply was connected. Does Apple have any answers to this? I have been speaking to my Apple dealer and they will have to test the MBP to try and figure out what's going on. I have also changed my AC adapter once because the led would turn off in moved slightly. Now this new AC has a few kinks on the cable around the connector. I am tending to think that if you twist it too many times it may get some wires crossed, I don't know. I getting very frustrated. I am teacher and I am constantly using this machine all around the school; a PC based school. I'm not giving a good name to Apple.
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    Are you part of the following exchange program?

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