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The Audio Pane's iTune Library marks most songs (all legally downloaded!) with a slot. Once imported the music stutters and the playhead jumps at random within the selected video and audio file. Songs imported in the library from CD play correctly.
What is the meaning of this slot and how to avoid it?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
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    Hi pdcourious - this sounds like the problem with songs purchased from the iTunes Store. The work-around, I understand, is to firstly burn them to a disk. Others, who have had this problem may wish to confirm or otherwise.

    It may be possible to convert them to mp3 if not that already and get them to work OK.
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    Welcome to discussions!

    Catspaw is correct-burning to an audio CD and then importing from there will help you.

    iMovie 6 with the latest iTunes also has cured this ill.

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    Thanks, Catspaw, for a suggestion I will try after awaiting some other reactions. Indeed the music used from a CD works perfect.

    Still I wonder why songs legally purchased from Apple's iTunes itself cannot be imported directly in one's private iMovie project! This issue is not mentioned in the "help" function of neither iMovie or iTunes. As stated there such import from one to the other is simple stuff.

    The least to expect is an supplementary explicit item of warning or explanation about this kind of (unexpected and irritating) problem, the more if this has to do with protecting the copyright of downloaded, and payed for (!!!), music.
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    It really isn't Apple's fault-there are laws surrounding the usage of even purchased music.

    But, at least there is a workaround.

    As I mentioned, imovie 6 with QuickTime 7.x.x also alleviates the issue.

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    Thank You Sue for the reaction. My versions of QT 7.1.5 and iMovie HD 6.0.3 (267.2) are the most recent, so the transfer of songs into iMovie should have been as flawless as stated in both the manual and help.

    Although I will not blame Apple entirely, as I stated earlier there should be an item in their "help" file specificaly relating to the direct use, or the prevention of it, of iTunes purchased music for even private use in one's own home movie.

    By the way, I discovered a recent tread in the discussions about the apparently same problem (see under "Movie stutters when song added" and the same solution by Karl Pedersen as was suggested to me earlier).
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    Burning iTunes music to a CD, and importing it again n iMovie was indeed the "work around" solution as advised by Catspaw, SDillini and K. Pedersen. Thanks to all.
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    Glad all is well now!