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My wife's iPod mini has finally been brought in from the car for updating and syncing.

Previously it was running 1.3 and was running fine. Naturally it's been a while since it had it's software updated and tonight, iTunes prompted me to update to 1.4.1

The update went fine and the iPod went through the usual upgrade steps (usual = the same as my iPod).

Unfortunately the mini now goes through the usual Apple startup screen displays the menu for around 2 seconds and then resets. This cycle continues ad infinitum.

I can get the iPod to enter "Disk Mode" and have tried a "Restore" using iTunes but to no avail. Whenever I try to use the iPod in normal mode, the reset cycle continues.

Needless to say She-who-must-be-obeyed is not best pleased that her favourite in car entertainment is now not functioning as it should so I'm in the dog house.

As a stopgap, does anyone know where I can get the old version of software so I can at least get a working ipod again?

Thanks for your time and trouble,


iPod Mini 4GB, Windows XP