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I've been having issues with charging my Ipod Mini lately and could use some advice.

Previously I had been charging my Ipod Mini with a Firewire cord directly from my Ibook G4, and was having no issues at all with charging. A week ago I started using my Firewire cord with an ac adapter so I could charge my Mini while at work, and bought a new USB cord from the Apple Store to charge from my computer at home.

Now, while my Ipod will charge fine when hooked up to the Firewire cord and adapter so I know there is no problem with the batter. However, I get completely no charge at all when it's hooked up to my computer. The charging icon will come on and just freeze and I'll get periodic beeping from the Ipod, but no charge at all. I have a fairly long commute and would really hate to have to give up charging while at work. Any thoughts on what maybe the cause?

iBook 1.33 GHz G4, Mac OS X (10.4.2)
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    Just yesterday, my son noticed that when he put his 6GB ipod mini on his iHome iH5r - it doesn't charge. It will play, though. He was able to charge his ipod mini using the cable, but when he put it back onto the ih5r - the screen was blank.

    Any suggestions??