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Drew Friedman Level 1 (10 points)
Here's the situation. My neighbors, at my suggestion, purchased a MacBook. They love the OS, but they are not able to use their wireless router. Because I suggested the Mac, I feel partly responsible to help get this working.
Here is the setup: MacBook OSX 10.4.9connnected to the linksys wrt54g connected to a speedstream modem with a DSL setup. In the router settings, I have everything setup for PPoE. It says we are connected, and have an ip address. The router settings are for PPoE, but in order to access the router, I have to set my OS network configs to DHCP. This doesn't seem right to me. And when I go do the network diagnostics, it gives me green lights all the way up through "ISP", but turns red at "internet". One last thing, the Macbook does connect through the modem if I bypass the router. I am getting very frustrated by this, and would appreciate any help.