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I use the default apache in OSX server 10.4.9.

I have a ImageFolio4 installation that uses nothing but CGI-Perl, everything works fine except one thing, ImageFolio creates folders that are named by the user from within the webapp, but does not let me use non english characters.

When i try to create a folder naming it with non english letters i get an "invalid argument" error message, if i name the folder with english letters there are no problems.

I have one installation of ImageFolio4 on OSX server and one on IIS, and im frustrated to have to say that this problem only occurs on the OSX install.

If i create the folder manually on the server, and then update the folder from within the webapp, the folder is added, but with junk letters instead of the swedish chars ö ä å.

I have noticed that when i try to make folders using Terminal, ö ä å is not visible in the terminal window, just numbers, but on the server the folders are visible with the correct names, but in terminal the ä ö å is allways showed as numbers.

Is there a connection here, cant OSX have folders created with non english letters except when i use finder?


G5, Xserve, PB G4   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

G5, Xserve, PB G4   Mac OS X (10.4.8)