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Hi, I have a MacBook Pro that is about one year old, i.e. one of the earlier ones. Recently I have had three keys fall off the keyboard (Tab, Caps Lock, Return). It is very difficult to put them back on. I have AppleCare and will contact them shortly.
I am wondering if this is a widespread problem, or if anyone else here has had this type of experience.



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    If you are close to end of your warranty, I would suggest sending it in for a keyboard replacement. It is not normal for the keys to just fall off. Give Apple a call ans set up a repair. They will ask for a credit card, but once it's determined to be a hardware issue, you will not be charged for the call.
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    I've had this problem, and sometimes I get a little careless and drag my fingers sideways on the keyboard and pop off a key or two. (I'm not suggesting this is your problem, just mine)

    When I do that I can not get those keys back on for anything. I find instructions online try this and try that, to no avail. Then I drop by a mac store and they snap them back on is 5 seconds just as tight as they ever were, and nobody has ever charged me to do it.

    If I were you, I'd just go by an apple store and pass it to them, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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