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Tchun Level 1 (0 points)
My computer is still showing the white startup loading page with the circle still moving but it doesnt load to my desktop (i disabled my login cause i used one user) After and hour it still shows the white startup with the circle still moving.
Immeddiatly got this when i finished updating my computer with te new release

Mac OS X (10.4.9)
  • J.C Level 4 (1,600 points)
    Is the startup message displayed under the loading bar?
    Default message is "Starting Mac OS X..."

    iMac 20" Intel Core 2Duo, 1Gb Ram   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  
  • Tim Yang Level 2 (425 points)
    I think Tchun meant the grey startup screen with apple logo and the spinning circle. I've heard a few instance of 10.4.9 update breaking OS X, were you doing something else while installing the latest update?

    I'm not sure how so solve this problem, but first you can try boot with your install DVD and use disc utility to check the hard drive for errors.

    Someone else with more info on this?
  • J.C Level 4 (1,600 points)
    I had exactly the same problem on my machine when I updated. I ran applejack in single user mode and removed all the machine and user caches. The machine then restarted with no problems.

    If you have applejack installed run it, otherwise try the following:
    Boot the computer into single user mode holding down the command + S keys. Then when you reach the command line type in fsck -y then hit enter, note the space. If that doesn't work then your hard drive is journalled and you will need to type in fsck -f then hit enter. When the HD check is done type reboot then hit enter.

    If that doesn't work you may need to reinstall your system software. If you do reinstall the software do an archive and install so you don't lose all your documents.

    iMac 20" Intel Core 2Duo, 1Gb Ram   Mac OS X (10.4.9)