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I am trying to send an email to friends that has an image they can click on to go directly to my website. It is a logo for a fantasy golf pool that they are all familiar with and have been trained to click on for the past 5 years when I was using Outlook Express on a Windows 98 computer.

When I try to add hyperlink to an image in Mail, the image disappears and is replaced by a text hyperlink of my bulky web.mac address.

I have searched these discussions and found others frustrated by this same thing and there seems to be no solution. I read "jpeg encodes images in a series of bytes, so as you now probably realize you can't put a link directly into this format." I've also read that you would have to code your own HTML to accomplish this.

It's hard for me to believe that my brand new kick butt Mac can't do what my outdated PC could do with one click and no HTML. Please, someone tell me it's not true.

IMac, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
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    > It's hard for me to believe that my brand new kick butt Mac can't do what my outdated PC could do with one click and no HTML.

    You didn't realize it but you were using HTML with OE on your outdated Windows PC in order to make this work. It is impossible to make an image a hyperlink without composing in HTML. The image must be embedded in the message body for this to work and although image/photo and single page PDF attachments appear inline or viewed in place within the body of the message by default with the Mail.app for received and sent messages, this is not the same thing as embedded which requires HTML.

    RTF with Tiger Mail is really HTML but Mail does not include an HTML composer/editor. In order to turn RTF into HTML requires selecting a font via the font panel when composing a message or if an included signature was composed in RTF.

    You can experiment with using an HTML composer/editor of choice (the Text Edit application can be used for this purpose) turning an image into a hyperlink. Save the completed document and open the saved document with Safari making sure the hyperlink is working properly.

    At the Safari menu bar, go to File and select Mail Contents of This Page. With RTF selected for message composition with Mail, the saved HTML document that is rendered with Safari will be copied to a new Mail.app which will be sent in its entirety.