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I am running iTunes 7.1 on Windows Vista. I have 29GB of music/data in my iTunes library. This is stored on a network attached storage device (NAS). When I plug in my iPod to my laptop iTunes recognises it straight away but then it takes about 25 mins for iTunes to begin sending music to the iPod. For the first 25 minutes it just states 'Ipod Syncing, Do Not Remove' and nothing seems to happen. Any ideas why this is happening?

  • Jason L Community Specialists
    Hey wrong un,

    iTunes does not currently support Vista, this article: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=305042 will give you more information on the compatibility. The article will be updated when iTunes and Vista are compatible.

    You can check some of the other iTunes for Windows forums here: http://discussions.apple.com/category.jspa?categoryID=150 for some work arounds that other users are using to improve the performance while we wait for the software to become compatible.

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    It really is a poor show from Apple that they did not have a Vista compatible version ready. Vista RC1 has been out for ages. I reckon they've deliberately held it back so it makes Vista look bad.
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    i have recently been trying to move my library to my new computer. however, the only songs that moved are the one's i have purchased. also, now when i attempt to "re-try" to move my library my ipod continues to flash "do not disconnect"

    i do have to manually stop it to remove it safely, but i feel that something must be wrong -

    any advice? suggestions about how to move the library and make the "do not disconnect" stop would be appreciated!