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I am trying to block some websites on my Mac for my kids. I have read some other threads that suggested going to terminal and using <sudo pico /etc/hosts> www.apple.com (for example) others <sudo nano /etc/hosts> apple.com save as nano write (ctrl-0). However I have noticed both of these seem to work somewhat. I mean somewhat because if I was to type apple.com it would say server could not connect etc. So it worked but if I typed in www.apple.com (which my kids as well as most people do) it goes right past the block and goes to the website. Any suggestions of what I am doing wrong or what else I could do??? I would prefer not having a software download and if I it is something in Terminal then hopefully explained well enough. I know a thing or two about terminal but could probably use detail and if it means I can barely get it right then the kids will never crack it.

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.4.8)