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I've always been able to send/receive mail from my mac mail and entourage accounts. Recently I can't send any email. I can send email from my web browser.

I've tried throwing away my mail folder that is in my cache folder and my mail folder from my library, but that hasn't worked. I've zapped my pram and that didn't work.

I read something about another application putting up a firewall which isn't letting my mail go out. How can I find out if there is a firewall inhibiting me from sending the email?

Any other suggestions? Please help.

G4 desktop   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  
  • Matt Clifton Level 7 Level 7 (29,750 points)
    What is the error you get when you try to send mail from each application?

    There are a couple of likely possibilities:

    - Your mail provider's SMTP server has changed. Check their support site for information.
    - Your ISP is preventing you from sending SMTP traffic through port 25. You can ask your ISP if they have an SMTP server that you can use instead; or, try some different settings in Mail/Entourage such as port 587, and/or authentication, for outgoing mail.

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    There is no additional firewall application included with OS X over the built-in OS X firewall unless you installed and activated such an additional firewall application.

    There is no setting that I'm aware of included with the built-in OS X firewall that blocks the ability to send mail via an SMTP server.

    The ability to send messages via webmail access for an account is completely different than ability to send messages with the account via an email client such as the Mail.app or Entourage.

    Email clients use an SMTP server to send messages, webmail access does not.

    Is this email account and SMTP server provided by your internet service provider use for connecting to the internet?

    Any error message provided and if so, what?
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    This also happened to me today. I decided to tie in my Gmail account with Mac Mail today. After the set up I tested it by sending an e-mail from my .mac account to my Gmail account and got the smtp error message. I ran the connection doctor and my new gmail account was okay by my .mac account could not connect. I assumed that I changed a setting during my gmail setup that caused the problem so I tried several things such as, clicking on the outgoing server settings and removing all the servers, removing both accounts, removing the mail folder from library as well as the com.apple.mail.plist and starting over. So far I've got nothing. Also when I ran through the setup again for my .mac account it completed the initial setup with no signs of connection problems, however the connection doctor still shows a problem and I can't send mail. I have no firewalls going and I've tried the three port settings shown in Mail help, 25, 465, 587. Anyone have any ideas?

    MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.4.9)

    MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.4.9)
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10 (123,370 points)
    Are you able to send a message with your Gmail account using Gmail's authenticated SMTP server?

    Since there is more than one SMTP server error message, what is the error message provided?

    A generic this server cannot used and choose another or is it a timed-out error message?

    Who is your internet service provider used for connecting to the internet?

    Are you accessing an email account and SMTP server that is provided by your ISP with Mail and if so, are you able to send messages with this account and SMTP server?

    If you are not accessing an email account and SMTP server that is provided by your ISP with Mail, try adding your ISP's SMTP server to Mail and select/use your ISP's SMTP server to send messages with your .Mac account.
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    I am able to send mail Gmail's authenticated SMTP server, The error message is a generic server cannot be used. The exact wording is "Cannot send message using the server smpt.mac.com" Then I'm prompted to try using the Gmail server. My isp is Optimum Online. I've never used my provider for email before. I used Hotmail until the day Gmail came out and have been using web based mail until I bought a mac and decided to give Mac Mail a spin. I'll try using my isp smpt server, I just need to dig up a cable bill, I've never even set up my mail options through Optimum it was never needed. I sent mail two days ago I can't think of any change I've made that I didn't remove when this whole fiasco started...
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    I just trashed my mail folder and preference file and repeated the set up using port 587. After a restart of Mail I'm back in business.
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    In my "mail" account I'm getting the message:
    Message Delivery Failed
    The connection to the server "smtp.comcast.net" on port 26 timed out
    You can try to send using a different server. All messages will use this server until you quit or change your network settings.
    The only server I can select is my "smtp.mac.com" server. I can't get the comcast server that I also use, from the pull-down menu.

    In my preferences in "mail", the port# selected is 587, not 26, as I was told to do.

    In Entourage I get the error message "Mail could not be sent using the account RGudgel and error # -23016

    Does this info help? I have no problems receiving email from these accounts so I know I can get a connection to the server.

    Any ideas?

    G4 desktop Mac OS X (10.3.9)
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    I deleted all my accounts from "mail" again, set-up new ones with port 587 selected, and now I'm able to send email. I don't know what was going on, but thank you for all your help.