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I ripped a movie using Handbrake and the very fast action scenes were "jittery" or something and I wondered if it was because my computer is too slow or not enough ram or if I can tweak the settings with Handbrake or QuickTime.
I ripped at 29.97 frames and a bit rate of 1000 Kbps.

If I use a higher frame rate, is that easier or on the computer or will it slow things down and make them more accurate?

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iMac G5 2.0, Mac OS X (10.4.9), 1Gig ram
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    There is no point taking something that is only at 29.97 or 24 fps and making more frames. There is no more data. Increase your bitrate from 1000 which is pretty paltry for what I assume is full frame video and you will see an improvement. iPod 640X480 is a lot higher bitrate that 1000kbps. Or try 320X240 which scales up nicely to TV size anyway and save the space.