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I want to put podcasts at the top of my play list on my ipod shuffle. When I have my ipod connected to my coputer and itunes open, I move the songs in the order that i want them to be in, with the podcasts first so i can find them when i want to listen to them. when i disconnect the ipod (using eject from itunes) and then reconnect it, the songs are back in the order they were before i moved them. this is driving me crazy, please help.

pc, Windows XP
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    In iTunes, in your playlist, try right clicking (anywhere in the playlist) and pick the "Copy To Play Order" command which is supposed to freeze the order of the songs when they go on the iPod.

    iTunes: How to Use the "Copy to Play Order" Command

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    "Copy to Play Order" did not help. When I dock my Ipod Shuffle and open Itunes, a list of songs (actually podcasts) is listed for my ipod. When I reoder the songs by dragging them and then:
    1) click sync
    2) click copy to play order
    3) click eject
    no matter what I do, when I reconnect my ipod the songs are in the order they were before I arranged them. This is driving me crazy. HELP!