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Is it possible to sync the itunes libraries from my two macs onto one appleTV? The libraries are unique.
When I try to switch source to sync....ATV says I will replace the contents from the previous sync with the contents of the other mac.

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    No, it's not possible. You can sync from one and stream from others.
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    Is it possible to sync from one account/login on a Mac and stream form another account/login on the SAME Mac? Say I want to sync photos and background music and stream podcasts from my own login on my iMac in the den, but I also want to stream music from my kids login on the SAME Mac. I have iTunes open and running on both logins, but I can't seem to get appleTV to initiate a stream even though it can "register" itself with both iTunes. Streaming works just fine from a separate Mac in the office (with only one account there).
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    Apple TV will only be able to link up to one Library in only one mode, either synced or streaming.

    You can stream from another computers iTunes library and Sync from another computers library, but you can not sync and stream from a same single computers library. Each library must be on a different computer.

    You can have one Apple TV be able to select and stream from one library at a time but have 5 library's show up in the Apple TV's list, and have one synce library, giving yo a grand total of 6 libraries to choose content from

    Hope this helps
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    I'd like to create a 2nd iTunes library for my movies and store it on an external, my MacBook is getting full. Will I have to re-sync my ATV when I want to switch back and forth from my iTunes music to iTunes Movies?

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    other suggestions appreciated, thanks
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    One can also both sync and stream from the same iTunes library. I have a MacMini in the living room feeding the ATV downstairs and I have synced the movies and TV series. The same iTunes library is also available for streaming, providing access to rest of the media (including the synced material).
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    I have the same problem. i'm storing my movies, TV shows, and the majority of my music on an external drive in a different iTunes Library.

    However, when i turn my MacBook Pro (my main computer) on at home, it wipes out the movies and tv shows in the ATV and replaces it with whatever i have on my MacBook Pro library.

    Seems like there has to be a solution for this, I just don't know what it is.
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    Yes it sounds like the problems you are having is trying to SYNC two different iTunes accounts (even on the same Mac).

    You can Sync only one of them, the other(s), however, can stream all of it's content with no problem.

    And yes, you can Sync AND Stream from the same iTunes library. I've been doing that since I hooked it up. I've only synced my photos and a little music from my iTunes library, and I stream all the other content from that same library. (movies, podcasts, music, tv, etc.) So the large "storehouse" of media can live on a hefty external drive.
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    Can you provide some steps as to how you were able to achieve this please.

    I would like to sync TV and Movie content whilst streaming music but I can't fiqure out a why of doing this

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    Ignore the question please, I figured it out.
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    I don't have an ATV yet (should be arriving any day now), so I can't test this, but at the very least you should be able to stream from two different iTunes libraries on the same computer. This article mentions doing it:


    Apparently when there are multiple logins with multiple instances of iTunes running on the same machine, they use additional TCP ports that would normally get blocked by the firewall, if it's turned on. Maybe you've got the firewall turned on, and it's smart enough to open a hole for the standard iTunes port (3689) but not the extra holes for additional users (49152 and above).

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