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I have had my iPod shuffle (2ndGen, 1G) for several months now, and it has worked great, until suddenly I get this error whenever I connect to the PC. It says: "One Of the USB Devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it. Try reconnecting the device. If Windows still does not recognize it, replace the device." And this USB port works fine for my camera so its not that. And of course, reconnecting does not help. And I can't reset the iPod because its battery is all the way dėad. Anyone out there who can help me?? Thanks in advance

Windows XP

HP PC, Windows XP
  • deggie Level 9 Level 9
    First off, your camera is not powered by the USB port so that doesn't eliminate anything.

    Which port are you plugging it into. What else is plugged in at the same time?

    Try going into Device Manager, remove the USB driver, then restart your computer which will reload the driver. After that, disconnect everything from the USB chain except your keyboard and mouse and use a rear USB port on your computer for the Shuffle. If your computer sees it try downloading and running the latest reset utility and let us know what happens.
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    I have no other USB cables plugged in except my mouse. Which is still working. I tried the port in the back, and it still was not recognized. All the ports work fine for: flash drive, camera, video camera. but NOT the iPod just all of a sudden. Do you think that if I got it charged a little then it would be fixed? because it never did this until I ran the battery completely out. So if I had some way of charging it...
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    Hey Joooeeeelllll,

    You can always request repair for your iPod online here: http://depot.info.apple.com/ipod/

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    Thanks for the link Jason L. that helps! Especially this: you may have to wait up to 30 minutes before it is charged enough for the computer to recognize it.
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    I have your same operating system and the same ipod as you. I am also getting the message "One Of the USB Devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it. Try reconnecting the device. If Windows still does not recognize it, replace the device." I tried everything suggested and i was wondering what you exactly did to fix this problem. If you could let me know that would be great. Thanks
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    Well actually I haven't fixed it. It only works sometimes. What I do is plug it in, then turn ON and OFF several times and just mess with it. Then eventually the little orange light comes on and its good. I dont know why you have to go through all that. Also the left speaker is going bad and works half the time. So sorry Josh i cant really help you other then to say, "just keep messing with it" because thats all I do. Does anyone out there have a more permanent solution? I sure dont
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    I'm having the exact same problem on a second generation shuffle that is less than a month old. Has this problem been supported or documented yet by Apple. Sure does seem really lame...I guess this stuff really is like cheap fashion jewelry.
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    I bought my first Ipod two weeks ago and had the same problem. Eventually the PC did recognise it and let me download some tunes via Itunes as it should. But When I plugged it in again to cahnge my song selections on th Ipod all th USB ports on my Dell Inspiron PC stopped working and I got "keyboard error" on boot. I rang the Dell helpline and they confirmed it had to go back for repair. I received the PC back 5 days later and though that it might just be coincidence so tried my Ipod again but oh no, it blew all the USB ports again. Be aware, the Ipod shuffle is not compatable with Windows XP Pro PC's (or at least not Dells)The PC is now back with Dell again for the second time for repair and I am very dischuffed with Apple. Dell confirmed that all the drivers for the USB ports had been deleted or corrupted by the Ipod. Has anyone else had this problem? I don't expect Apple will admit it is their fault for a minute.
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    I seriously doubt that your Shuffle is capable of blowing anything on your motherboard. There are a LOT of Shuffles out there running on Dells with XP Pro. If they were ALL incompatible and blowing up Dells I'm sure it would have been in Cnet.com by now.

    There has been an issue with iTunes 7.1.1 corrupting the USB driver on some Windows XP machines after upgrading to that version, but the symptom is usually the iPod is not recogized. If Dell returns your machine with iTunes 7.1.1 on it you should have no issues. If they wipe the drive, after you download iTunes simply reload your USB drive. Read this for more info:


    To give yourself peace of mind, and if you know someone with an XP computer that is working with an iPod, try your Shuffle on their computer. If it works the issue is something on the Dell, or in the keyboard (a likely target BTW). Or return the Shuffle and get another one.
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    Cheers buddy. This is the first useful message I've read about this problem. The Dell USB ports wern't physicaly blown but the drivers were removed or corrupted by the Ipod or possibly Itunes as you point out. When Dell first returned the PC the repair note stated that the USB drivers were reloaded and everything then worked. Trouble is I don't know how to reload them myself so I'm afraid to plug the Ipod back in again.
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    Read the link I provided. It will show you how to reload your USB Driver.