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I want to control my Apple TV using my Logitech Harmony Remote Control. I followed several posts on this forum, but my problem was that with any of the methods described I was unable to power off the Apple TV.

I found the solution on danwassink's page http://www.livingwithmac.com/apple-tv-and-harmony-remote

As a new device I had to add a music player / digital music server and chose Apple as vendor iPod as model. This allowed me to control the Apple TV, but still without picture. I then created an activity "Watch Apple TV", added my TV using the option "I want to add more control of options and devices for this Activity". Currently, my activity settings read as follows:
- Apple Digital Music Server is on
- Pioneer AV Receiver is on
- Pioneer TV is on
- All other devices are off
- Digital Music Server is set to "iPod"
- AV Receiver is set to "CD"
- TV is set to "Input 3"

When I finished the setup, I was able to control the Apple TV - including powering it on and off. All I needed to make it perfect was to teach the Harmony remote the IR codes for the central up/down/left/right/ok - Buttons.

Thank you Dan!

Mac Mini Intel 1.66 GHz Intel Core Duo 2GB RAM   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   using it as iTunes Media Center
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    This method also works for the Harmony 890.
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    Programed 880 with Apple TV using above mentioned steps but named device "AppleTV" and named activity "Watch AppleTV" . Programed volume controls seperately to operate Sony Receiver instead of TV due to Bose system. Steps work great, took a good bit of time to get it right but it definately works! Also programmed fast up and fast down to "Up Arrow" and "Down Arrow" which is a must have for larger volumes of music, etc.
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    programmed fast up and fast down to "Up Arrow" and
    "Down Arrow" which is a must have for larger volumes
    of music, etc.

    How did you program the fast up/down function on the harmony remote. I have a 720 and the scrolling is so slow, I changed the send time settings in the remote and that didn't seem to help.

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    Here is the method outlined to me (the correct one, third call was the charm) from Logitech with my own extras thrown in to be more helpful:

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    Ah, so they added ATV to their database.

    Can you tell us how the buttons are mapped? Do you use the central "OK" button for play/pause or the play button? Or both?

    Actually, I'm quite happy with my manually customized "Mac Mini" setup …
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    Yes, the central ok button is both pause and play. Works exactly as you think it should, mirrors the Apple remote except of course the menu button is off center on the Logitech. Skip forward and back as well as scan all work. No delays/lagging. Works perfectly! Power on and off.. no problem as well!! I recommend the official database version I commented on. It seems to have no drawbacks and works way better than the other versions I've tried like iPod, etc..