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    Allrighty, I finally managed to fix it. All it needed was surgical removal:
    Uninstall iTunes
    Uninstall all iTunes plugins
    Get into your Program Files directory, and kill the iTunes directory
    Uninstall Quicktime
    Get into your Program Files directory, and kill the Quicktime directory
    Download Windows Install Clean Up, and remove any iTunes and Quicktime entries
    Go to Start->Run->enter %appdata%->find the Apple Computer directory, show now mercy, kill it entirely.
    In the explorerwindow, open the Extra->Folder options and enable "show hidden files and folders".
    Go up 1 directory, find Local Settings, in there, find Application Data, destroy the Apple Computer directory
    Get a fresh Quicktime installer (preferably standalone) and install Quicktime
    Get a fresh iTunes install and install iTunes

    Fire up iTunes and hope for the best. It's the only method that has worked for me.
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