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Mattmaxx Level 1 Level 1
How do I get my created presets onto my iPod? I would like to adjust the sound quality on the device I listen to, not the computer I compile on. I can create them but when I sync it iTunes won't add the new presets to my iPod. I have a 5th gen 30Gb.

compaq presario (500MHz), Windows XP Pro
  • b noir Level 9 Level 9
    hmmmm. those ones should be transferring.

    by any chance, is the EQ setting on the iPod currently set to "Off"?

    iPod: How to use the equalizer
  • Mattmaxx Level 1 Level 1
    Nope, and thank you for responding as I feel as if I'm the only one experiencing this prob. As a matter of fact it is on "rock" the only decent preset provided by Apple. I have searched for help but I am finding nothing. Apple just runs me in circles. Do you have any Idea where to look? every thing else transfers; music, video, pictures just not my EQ settings"eesn't dat veerd?"
  • b noir Level 9 Level 9
    ahhhh ... my apologies, i think i misread your initial post. i thought you were meaning the EQ presets in itunes rather than than custom EQ settings that you've created.

    my understanding is that custom Equaliser settings do not transfer to iPod. only the ones that iTunes has already as defaults can transfer:

    iTunes: 22 Preset Equalizer Settings
  • Mattmaxx Level 1 Level 1
    OOOOOOOOOOk perhaps we misunderstood each other. I looked at the link for the info you sent with the reply to my first question, thank you. It states I can't make custom presets with the iPod but it also states I can't transfer custom settings to my iPod either. Now I am confused as you said "those should transfer" so can I or can I not create and transfer a custom preset equalizer setting from iTunes to my iPod? (If not what the heck? my sony walkman from 1986 had an equalizer I could adjust on it! and this is 2007)but I digress....
  • Jeff Bryan Level 9 Level 9
    "so can I or can I not create and transfer a custom preset equalizer setting from iTunes to my iPod?"

    No, most definitely not.

    Send Apple a feature request.

    iPod Feedback.