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Mac OS X
I changed mac at work this week and stupidly forgot to deauthorize iTunes before i erased my user account. I still have accsess to the computer but the user is trancferred to my new mac. Can i deauthorize my old mac? I tried to make a new account with the same name as the old one in the old machine. But only get a wrong password message when i try to deauthorize. The password is right, i can log on to iTunes store with it from the old machine but not deauthorize.

Please help!

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  • macmenno Level 6 Level 6
    Was the HD re-formatted or was a new system installed?
    If so, your authorization info, which is/was in a hidden file in the 'Shared' folder, was deleted.
    If you have 5 authorizations, you can deauthorize all computers, following the directions in this article.

    If you don't have 5 authorizations, you can request the iTunes Store to deauthorize your computers, by using the form on this page:

    Hope this helps.


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  • Janet Perr Level 1 Level 1
    You can also go to your account page on your authorized iTunes at home and click "Deauthorize all" at the bottom.

    Slightly easier...

  • Fredrik Malvefors Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X
    No the HD was not formatted or no new system installed. I only created a new account for the person who will inherits my old mac and deleted my account.

    I can't find any deauthorize all button but perhaps it only appears when the limit of 5 is reached. I have 4 macs autorized for now.

    But now i know that the day i reach the limit there is an solution.

    Thanks =)