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How do you shut this thing off, it is so hot you could fry an egg on it. During the off hours it should have a off switch, anyone found one?

apple tv, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
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    Just hold the play/pause button for 6 seconds and it goes to sleep - not off I know, but it does cool down. Also, it seems that it stays cooler if you stream and not sync, because when you play stuff that's stored on the ATV itself the hard drive spins constantly and creates a lot of heat.
    Because I am impressed with the way it streams on my network (Airport Extreme g) I'm streaming only.

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    Once YOu have placed the unit into standby as described above, you are safe to power off on the wall. I've been doing so for over a week with no issue so far. ATV working 100% as documented and powered off every night.
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    The Apple TV can only be completely powered off if you unplug it from the wall. Putting the Apple TV in standby mode (holding down the play/pause 6 secs) does not shut down the Apple TV. It only puts certain functions in standby more. Syncing will continue as well as certain HDMI interfaces with your LCD screen.

    In the special handling manual it states the differences of standby and power off. In the manual its says, there is no on and off button, in order turn off the device you must unplug the device.

    STANDBY mode is not turn off the device, nor is it putting it to sleep..

    Hope this helps........


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    When I press the center button for 6 seconds to put the AppleTV to sleep the white light stays on. The manual says it should turn off.

    Any thoughts?