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I have had my MacBook Pro for only 40 days, when it accidently and violently fell onto the concrete. I might add that in all the years I have had laptops, never once have any of them fallen! Anyway, I was at a coffee shop and the table top was not locked in place, which of course, I did not know beforehand. I placed my coffee on the table, no problem, but as soon as I put my laptop on it, the table top fell down 180 degrees, and everything on it went flying. My MBP crashed to the ground, and the coffee spilled all over it. Devastating!

The good news:
1. the coffee did not get anything wet inside the laptop. Not the keyboard, speakers, screen, ports, etc...the battery was also saved, as some kind and helpful on-looker ran over and immediately pulled the battery out, telling me that removing the battery is the first thing to do if you ever spill liquids on the computer. Inside the battery case, everything was dry as well.
2. After I dried everything and put the battery back in, mbp started up just fine. No weird sounds, the screen is fine, webcam OK, everything is working GOOD.

The bad news:
1. A lot of physical damage to the MBP. All 4 corners have dents and/or scratches, the hinges on the latch to open the computer are bent, the button to pop open the laptop is compromised, so I have to press it a few times to get it to open. In addition, the piece of metal above the open button is sticking out, and I can press it in and out, so it no longer makes a flush seal. This is not good.
2. The right hand corner is slighter higher than the other 3 corners, so it doesn't sit on surfaces perfectly balanced anymore.

The dilemna:
- Could there be internal damage? Would this damage show up on a diagnostic test, OR, could it not show up, and then 6 months down the road, my laptop suddenly crashes?!? Is the exterior damage indicative of what might have happened inside the computer?

- The establishment where all this happened is taking full responsibility, but they normally will only pay for repairs in cases like this. I, however, want a new mbp. It is only a month old, and for the money I paid, I do not want a refurbished computer. I got an estimate for the physical damage, and it is around $800 bucks. This is not including any potential internal damage, or even damage to the webcam, which is in-between the 2 hinges that are pretty much broken. Even though the webcam is working now, could it have some kind of damage that would cause it to malfunction in a week? 2? 6 months?

I was hoping someone can advise me on what to do, and if anyone else have ever dropped their mbp's who either had or didn't have problems thereafter. I am new to Mac's, so I don't know how advanced they are in terms of how the internal structures are made. Should I fight for a new mbp? Or, is repairing it sufficient enough?

Many thanks in advance!

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    I believe that can be fixed like new again by replacing the damaged parts. If everything is working fine now, I doubt you will have any internal problems down the road.

    I was in the hospital recently and a nurse knocked mine off a table next to my bed. It fell about 4 foot to a concrete floor that had carpeting on it. Amazingly, nothing was damaged. Not even a dent. These MBPs are pretty rugged.

    I would suggest getting AppleCare if you don't already have it. That should cover you down he road.

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    It really is a horrible feeling when you catch out of the corner of your eye, a glimpse of your precious MacBook Pro plummeting to the floor. I know.

    It happened to me when the velcro on my carrying case (made for laptops) suddenly came open and my MBP fell from my waist, to my driveway.

    It hurts. I know.

    Like you, my computer started normally, and everything works. but its not really a beautiful, sleek macbook pro like it used to be. It took some damage. Not to the extent you described with all four corners damaged.

    With mine, the casing is completely off line now. A laptop is basically two pieces that join with a hinge (obviously) well now that hinge is bent so that the top and bottom pieces are no longer flush and even.

    The biggest issue I have is the fact that before I dropped it, all I had to do was barely tap the latch release button and the lid would pop up and make it easy to open. Now I have to use two hands to open my laptop. One to push that button in allll the way. and another to separate the lid from the base. It doesnt pop on its own anymore

    its something small, but I miss it.

    I too was worried that in a matter of days I was going to see things stop working properly left and right. To this day, everything operational wise works good. Im thankful. But it hurts to look at the back and see that small but painful dent.

    I had a friend that dropped his and broke a fan. got the fan replaced and now it works again.

    I wish the best of luck to you. Obviously you know that Apple wont give you a new one, but its cool that the buisness is owning up for that faulty tabletop.

    I completely understand you wanting a new one as opposed to a repaired one. Maybe you should talk more to the owner about how there is so much that could have been damaged from that fall because its a laptop. They are very fragile and thats the bottom line. You could have it fixed and more things could come up later. Explain to them that if they agree to pay all repair costs, they could in the end, end up paying more then a new one would cost. It may be a lost cause depending on how strong they are on their policies, but you were screwed by that bad upkeep in the shop. Coffee shops are meant for laptops. Its completely 100% their responsibility to fix this situation until you are satisfied.

    Im not really sure, but you may be able to demand a replacement. These laptops arent cheap. And it ***** worrying about what could break on your laptop tomorrow due to someone not paying attention to their establishment.

    anyway, best of luck to you. I hope you get it taken care of soon. My best advice is to try and get enough from the coffee shop to replace it.

    Oh and one more thing....from my experiences, you should have no worries about the word "refurbished". My MBP was purchased refurbished because my buddy who works in the apple store explained to me that I was saving a lot for a computer that was practically brand new. the only reason mine was refurbished was because the guy who bought it apparently asked for glossy screen, and they gave him matte. So he had it for a few days before he returned it to them. But just because he opened it up and touched it and tainted the 100% new finish with a minor wear from just setting it on the table, they have to call it refurbished. I got it for hundreds less. and its a wonderful machine. Tell them to consider that and see if they will go for it.

    again, best of luck.
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    Thank you for your reply! I am amazed that your laptop still works after such a fall! I would be able to live with the dings and dents, but not if it is a sign of more damage inside.

    The tech at the Apple Store said it would of course be better to replace the whole unit as opposed to repairing it, but they wouldn't put that in writing for me to give to the establishment where this happened. I understand why they can't, but that would have been of great help to me.

    I am sure the coffee shop would rather deal with me only once, instead of potentially several times in the future. And, I would as well. Do I want to run to them everytime something goes wrong with my mbp? No. That could be a frustrating and stressful scenario. They also know me very well b/c I go there alot, and the manager saw the whole thing go down, so they are not questioning what happened. how to convince them to just shell out for a new computer, I don't know. Their headquarters may try to fight me on it. And, I am not looking for a headache.

    I know the Apple refurbished products are essentially brand new. I guess I used that word to describe my situation b/c if I keep patching it up, so to speak, fixing the physical damage now, and other things in the future, it will never be in the condition it should be in. And, if the coffee place replaces mine with a refurbished one, I still paid full price for a new mbp only 1 month ago, so I will technically still be out several hundred dollars.

    Let's see what happens. Your support and advice is so great, thank you again!

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    I know the Apple refurbished products are essentially
    brand new.

    I wouldn't go so far as to say that.

    It was replaced with a good one, but I can't conceive how that ever got by inspection and boxed up.

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    That's the craziest thing I've ever seen. I guess you had no problem getting that replaced..

    Clearly a fluke, though, I guess it happens!

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    If you paid with a credit card you might want to see if they will do anything for you. American Express give you 90 days protection from theft and Accidents. I don't know if theirs is replacement of repair, or how they do it (having problems accessing their site right now), but it might be worth looking into.